Yeezy Season - Kanye West x Ellen

4:18 PM

New Yeezys dropping soon but more importantly lets take a look at Yeezys latest interview with Ellen. You've probably seen the headlines on your newsfeed this morning calling him 'crazy' or 'weird'. I know this morning here in Melbourne all the breakfast shows like the morning show and whatever else crap is on in the early AM were like here goes Kanye ranting again. I mean yes he is out spoken but why do media outlets only focus on his tone of voice instead of the content.
He pretty much says he doesn't care about being likeable and that we should all lift each other up instead of always pushing each other down. We are all one race he says. The human race.
He always talks about using his knowledge of fashion and sneakers to help stop bullying. How is using a platform like fashion to endure good in society considered a bad thing?

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