Glimpse of 2015

6:44 AM

 2015 has been a tricky one for me blog wise. 
I felt so guilty for not posting as much as I usually do yearly.
I had so many things on my plate and had to pause and thought maybe i had stop the blog to make all these other things happen. 
I'm the king of multitasking and love doing a billion things at the same time but it does take its toll on you from time to time. 
When you're blogging you're the editor, model, make up artist, creative director, location scouter, retoucher etc. So add that to work, uni & other commitments it can get tricky at times.
I knew this year i had to finish my degree and made it my number one priority.
You know what the two things I struggled to balance finally came together as one as one of the biggest achievements for Everyday Like This.
My Uni, Swinburne found my blog and saw I was a recent graduate. They loved my style and thought I'd be perfect fit for their don't listen Campaign :) (side note we shot two more for 2016)

List of other amazing things that happened in 2015 including Fashion Week, Meeting Vogue Editor and Styling work !!

One of my Favourites from 2015. This pic ended up getting crazy amount of likes on the gram. Funny as though i didn't have time to do a proper shoot so quickly shot it on the iphone. 

Got to pay model for one of the dopest Basketball stores in Melbourne Kickz 101 

The lookbook for sports lux brand DRS x AWF  that i styled for came out in jan 2015

Finally got a pass for VAMFF. 
I've volunteered for this fashion week for a few years in the past and it was the only fashion week on my list in Aus that I hadn't been to as a blogger. So much fun. The student shows were so amazing! Thank you <3 p="">
VAMFF Runway

As 2015 started my mission was to explore diversity within fashion and Australian media. I was hesitant at first but then I got this email from some ladies in the states who were curious to know about my views on this issue. I knew it was a sign to continue on this path.

Another thing I wanted to explore this year was the issue of ethical fashion. I came across The Social Studio and this talented lady Grace of Gidi Creative who I got to intern for after I finished my degree.

Met ex Vogue Editor Kirstie through a competition I won through Westfield Southland. She's responsible for my favourite cover that has aboriginal model Samanthna Harris on it. I got to talk to her about diveristy and got to tell her afte seeing that cover was the first time i felt like i could be accepted working in the world of fashion. growing up I only saw one type of beauty so that seeing that cover for me was very important in everything I'm doing today.  She was pretty shocked to see how a cover could impact someone like that. I'm so grateful I got to thank her.

Finally got to shoot with my mum for Mother's Day.
 She introduced me to the world of fashion growing up and I have been in love ever since.
She's taught me how to style and thrift.
Love this matching outfit we wore that we found at a thrift store.

After coachella and the #reclaimthebindi movement I thought it was important for everyone to embrace their culture, including me. Growing up you sometimes want to be as western as you can to fit in. You get teased for wearing certain cultural attire that you stay away from it all together. #reclaimthebindi was to take that power back. 
This shoot was something I wanted to do for a while and I got to collaborate with some amazing women who inspire me. Stay tuned for 2016. Hopefully it will be published then

I got to see Drake Live for the first time in my city & hotline Bling came out.
Drizzy still holds the record for most viewed posts on my blog. So Of course I had to show him some love when this tune came out. Owl jumper is from an old shoot but gave it a little makeover. 

Lined up from 1am. Time slot we got to get in was 9. Didn't sleep for over 30 hours. Then shot this beauty during a gloomy raining Melbourne day with a excellent photographer and make up artist

Got to style my two babes for their hip hop radio show back to the future. Don't they look banging?
Shot by Rush Photography.

Finally Graduted this year. At one point I thought i was just going to work my way to the top. So glad I have this piece of paper though. I know the opportunities are much greater with a degree.

The Degree & Blog landed me my first campaign with Swinburne.
I was on billboards, phonebooths, Facebook, Youtube, Posters and Trains.
The campaign launched in Nov-Dec and it was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday and end the year !!


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