ELLE US - Taraji, Priyanka, Voila and Julia

2:49 AM

Big round of applause for Elle. I don't think I've ever seen multiple covers dominated by women of colour. Didn't think that could actually happen. Usually its like lets just pick of of them to tick off the diversity box. I've mentioned a few times on the blog on my thoughts on diversity and how myself stopped reading magazines as a teenager due to never ever seeing anyone or anything written catered for a first generation born brown gal from another country. I remember these magazines would have the colour of make up the covergirls would wear so when I saw Queen Bey i knew finally that they had catered for us coloured girls. To my disappointment for some reason that issue with Beyonce was the only one that didn't mention the colours and shades someone with darker skin should use. 
Thankfully with the internet and the blogsphere we don't ever have magazines telling us what we should look like. We have to power to show them that we are all beautiful no matter where we come from and what we look like. Luckily there are international magazines who do embrace diversity.

For me to see a South Asian actress like Priyanka Chopra on the cover of a Western Magazine is more than just a pretty face on a magazine. To see Viola Davis having her natural hair on the cover is a beautiful statement as we know african americans have been taught throughout history that their hair is not acceptable. It's a win for all us who grow up thinking we weren't good enough or that we weren't going to be accepted. For future generations its a blessing to have actresses like all the covergirls to show them that no matter what you can make it regardless of colour.

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