8:02 AM

I've been so shitty with posts over the year. It was mainly because of Uni and wanting to graduate which happened + got to be poster gal for uni because of blog so everything ended up working out well for 2015. 

I have two more campaigns launching for Swinburne Uni this year so I know my year will be off to a good start already. I can't wait for them to be up. Be sure to hit me up if you see any around Melbourne. i loved getting photos from the last ad.
Its funny to read over my goals for each year. I feel like they're little letters I write to myself to my future self. 
Thats something I've always wanted to do on pen and paper but never remembered.
The blog has allowed me to experience some amazing things and i'm grateful to have ticked off so many things off my bucket list. (NYFW I'm coming for you)

This year I will :
- Continue to explore diversity within fashion.
- Explore my heritage a little more. 
- Learn more about ethical brands & issues.
- Create a video each month or quartyly (lawd help meee) to show all creative aspects of what I do.
- Look up charities involved with fashion.

I think the overall theme this year will just be fashion with purpose. I'm sure I'm bound to tick off some things that I probably never thought of or could do. 

Will add pretty photos soon 


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