Event : Kirstie Clements x Impressive Book Launch Southland

12:55 AM

Ever since diving into this crazy blogging fashion world meeting a Vogue Editor has been a dream of mine. Mind you it was something that I thought that would never happen. That was until the day I was lucky enough to win a competition through my local shopping centre. Kirstie Clements was Vogue editor for 13 years and responsible for one of my all time Vogue Covers; 2011 with Samantha Harris. I took my mama with me on the day and we both got copies of her book plus some extra goodies from Mecca Maxima. 
Kristie spoke about the contents of the book and then went into trends for this autumn winter. 
When it was Q&A time I was surprised I was the only person to ask her something. Ususally I'm so shy around new people. 
With Diversity an issue I've been exploring through the blog I thought she would be the perfect person to ask about this issue. At the time Vogue Paris had their first black model in 5 years and Kirstie commented that she didn't understand why her international counterparts don't embrace diversity. She mentioned that thanks to the internet and bloggers Magazines have lost the power to tell consumers what beauty is. 
I later told her that her Samantha Harris cover gave me hope of working in the industry as all I was used to seeing just the one type of people on covers. She looked a little suprised to find out a cover would have an impact like that on someone. I'm glad I got to meet her and tell her that. 

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