Diversity : What Happens When Black Women Try On 'Nude' Clothing

6:39 PM

As a kid i always wondered why the skin coloured pencil looked nothing like my skin. I remember once in class i was like 'Can I have the skin coloured pencil?...no not that one My skin colour' haha Bold little Soph. Now diving into fashion I've seen how this same concept is integrated into clothing. Whether its buying nude heels, nude bra or trying to find make up it was always the biggest struggle. More and more people have been talking openly about this issue and I will keep you guys informed as I'm sure theres many more who have this issue. I aim to do a little experiment when I finish Uni about the Nude products in Australian stores so keep a look out for that :) In the meantime check ou t this video from Buzzfeed about the way women react to wearing so called nude items that don't look nude at all.  

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