Everyday Like This : Happy 2015

9:00 AM

Happy New Year peeps. Hope everyone had an amazing 2014 and a memorable NYE.
 2014 was an interesting year for me. It went by so fast. Usually I always have a chance to sit back & go through all the fun stuff I get to do for Everyday Like This. 
This year it felt like I was on the go non stop.
As well as the blog ones who have been reading since the start would know I am head of Marketing at Grandma Funk & do Social media for Hip Hop Night Yoyo.
As a marketing student I've counted some amazing moments through work as well as through the blog.

Here are my Highlights of 2014 of Fashion & Hip Hop.

1.Interning for Melbourne based designer
2. Quitting the internship  after a month and making it the first thing I've quit in my life. 
Always know your self worth and never let anyone be little you. 
No matter what position they have. 
Respect is a two way street.
3. Collaborating with Melbourne female designers, Sydney The Artist, Shio & No Fun Babe. Watch them all they are doing dope work out there
4. First Collaboration from USA. Dimpiece LA
5. Seeing JCole live for the first time at Rapture (that shit racist crowd though)
6. Meeting Dave Chappelle
7. Runway Shows & Label Launches
8. Attending the River Island show & Meeting supermodel Ajak Deng after (what a babe)
9. World's first H&M
10. Lining up at H&M at 6am in the morning for Alexander Wang.
11. Styling for the world's first Zoo York flagship store at Emporium Melbourne.
12. Voicing more on racial issues & how fashion plays its part.
13. Collaboration with ASOS x UniDays
14. My USA TRIP (still posting in 2015...we took 17 outfit shoot YIKES)
15. Getting to see DRAKE LIVE (waited 6 years)
16.  Catching Charles James : Beyond Fashion at Anna Wintour Costume Insitute at the Met on its last weekend.
18. Meeting Pusha T 
19.  Meeting Schoolboy Q
20. Meeting Musiq Soulchild
21. Launch of Ascesion Magazine - First aboriginal & ethic magazine in Australia
22. Styling Sportswear brand drswfx

1. Post More Often - the USA trip has me so behind lol
2. More social conscious posts 
3. Find more dope Melbourne labels
4. Do more op shopping. Used to do soo much back in the day. 
5. Write more posts on working in fashion
6. Collab more with other mediums.
7. More posts on hip hop/music as its become a key factor of the blog over the years.
8. Maybe another holiday if I'm lucky

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  1. Ones should do the same thing everyday, if it right and perfect for him. Because, doing anything continuously increases it's value.