Event : Alexander Wang x H&M - Melbourne vs Sydney

9:00 AM

Melbourne and Sydney are known to be rivals at everything we do. But when it comes to fashion we have more in common than we think. As I was getting ready for Fashans finest shopping event, I learnt my girlfriend/designer Akshita just as psyched about the new Sydney store which had just opened. We spent the weeks leading up tagging each other in each new Wang post on facebook and messaging pics throughout the day of the major event so I thought it would be cool to get her perspective on how Sydney store went compared to ours.


Mornings aren't my thing. With the line of work I do I am blessed with the flexibility I get and usually a good sleep in most days. When Alexander Wang launched his H&M collab on the 6th of November I knew I had to plan this one way in advance. Calendars Clear, research done.

Melbourne was freezing at 5am the morning of the Launch and the sun was barely out. Barely awake I somehow managed to get dressed and got dropped off to the GPO. I arrived at 6:00am with the line already reaching little Bourke St. I knew i should of came earlier. Wrist bands were given out at 7 and my slot was for 10am. As the city slickers got ready to commute to start their 9 to 5 lives, we quickly got out of there before I got fined by yet another parking inspector. City parking is the worst. In Melbourne anyways.

After a quick breakfast and power nap it was time for Round 2. As I entered the wonderful GPO I saw a new line of shoppers eagerly waiting for their turn. Inside there were 3 racks sectioned off for us. I learned the Mens had sold out and knew I had to make the most of the women's collection. Crops Galore, accessories, bottles and more. I didn't know where to start but I just started grabbing anything I could get my hands on. I found the two tops I had my eyes on and a third that looked better in real life. You were only allowed to take one of each item which sucked as I didn't know what size I would be. 

After trying on a few of the tops and dresses and getting some size changes I was torn between a few of the tops. After a few shameless change room selfies to my girlfriends the decision was made.

I walked out of there with 2 fab WANG crops. Perfect for my Birthday Weekend. Stay tuned for the outfit shoot peeps :)


Theres not many things that could get me to leave my oh so comfy bed at 4.20am. A fire would be on the list, an intruder too… oh and of course the Alexander Wang x HM launch! 
I reached the store by 5.30 thinking that It would ensure me an early spot, but I was deeply mistaken. 
The centre was already packed with all sorts of people - some came their finest heels and chanel boy bags while others rocked their pyjama slippers - all in the hope to add a little Wang to their wardrobes.
I was given the 8am time slot but luckily H&M did a lovely job of taking care of the crowd. Staff members would check in on the line, hand out snacks and some even gave advice on the best shopping strategies! I saw people practicing the 'reach and grab’  while others organised and re-organised the best way to hold all their bags. Id be lying if i said that I didn’t have a game plan too. My friends and I assigned each other specific garments so that we didn’t waste any time looking for the same thing. It worked more or less. 
The wait got more and more exciting as I’d witness a group enter and within minutes see Instagram pictures of them in the change rooms with the AlexanderwangxHM hashtag. And since there there were 4 groups ahead of me, I experienced 4 rounds of girls waiting anxiously and then screaming and stampeding through as soon as they were let in. 
Like many others, I had my eye set on the grey neoprene jumper, but before i could even step into the store, I was bombarded by people trying to run through from all sides. It was a Wang moshpit! I searched my heart out but couldn’t even see in it sight. I was later told told that the grey jumpers weren’t even on the racks for the second session- so if you were lucky enough to get your hands on one,  cherish that beautiful piece of design and give it the time of its life! 
All and all, it was great to see so many Sydney siders bond over a common interest. Even after I had left the centre, I had strangers just walk up and speak to me about the event and their experiences. It seems that if Alexander Wang is the topic at hand, all social protocols and awkwardness are forgotten and people just unite and talk about fashion! 
Thank-you to the team at Alexander Wang and H&M for organising it all, Sydney loved it! 

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