Travel : Shopping in Vegas

2:35 AM

With all the clubs, beach parties and trying to survive the desert heat who would of thought we could get some shopping done :)
First day on the strip we went and bought the new Adidas Originals jersey. I'm usually not a floral print type of gal but when you mix it with a jersey type cut I couldn't stay away.

On one of the days on Vegas we went to one of the outlet malls. From my research most people said to go to the indoor air con one as who really wants to go to an outdoor mall in Vegas.
My face tends to tan quicker than the rest of my body so when I found this Ralph Lauren bucket hat in the kids section I knew I  had to buy it. It ended up being $17 which was an extra win.

And those CK underwear are life changer. I get it now when the lady was like trust me you'll love these. 

$25 (so much cheaper than i found it here in Aus)


3 for $25

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