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7:33 AM

Can you believe its June already? Announcement time....

So finally taking the blog to the states ! I learnt recently that I have more followers from the states than I do here in Aus. Who would of thought !
The closest i got to going there was being in transit at LAX and NewArk airport last year from my Canada Trip. Let me tell you seeing the New York skyline from New Jersey airport was so so painful. I was just tapping on the glass thinking so close, yet so far.
 I've been to NY and Philly when I was 11 so I don't really count that as a proper trip.
 US of A has been on my to do list for a while now. But never really found the right time or right people to go with.

One thing I learnt from my Thailand trip was to ALWAYS make sure you're travelling with the right people (goes out to all you travel newbies). 
That trip was full of b*tch fights and girls crying over their boyfriends. Such a drainer. 
Killed the vibe and destroyed the whole point of what a "holiday" was suppose to be.
My Canada trip on the other hand was properly one of the best experiences I've had. Got reunited with my mums sisters family for the first time in 13 years. Had an amazing time being apart of the bridal party of my cousins wedding. And I got to meet designers of local brands and went crazy over the fashion labels we don't have here yet. Most importantly got to have quality time with my Mum. For those who know she's one of the coolest people i know. She's one of the reasons My blog is what it is today...oh and her favourite word is 'Ya Bish' :)

Had so much fun in Toronto last year that I've added a detour back there this year. I already have a few collaborations in the mix which i can't wait to share with you all. 

Excited to discover what fashion is like in all the states. You know I'm a street wear freak so instead of looking up the standard brands girls wear, I'll be hunting for some fresh up and coming on the rise type labels l while I'm out there. Already have some brands on my do buy list.

Cannot wait to share the expereince with you all.

As for the blog not sure how much I will be able to update as I don't think I'll be taking my mac with me but be sure to follow me on Instagram for everything Americaaaaacana 



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