TV Week Logie Awards : White on White

3:15 AM

Maybe because its always been this way that we don't even notice but isn't it odd that even in the year 2014 majority of Australian TV personalities are all white? Looking at the Logies Red Carpet last night I saw two major trends.
White dresses and white people.
You would think living in a country with so much diversity that it would be reflected in our screens.

Reminded me of Taraji P Hendersons interview with Vogue recently where she said
 " I would like to see films that mimic my everyday life and those of my friends. I would like casting to reflect all of the nationalities and all of the colors that make up our lives."

I'd love to see that in Australia too !

Some other looks of the night i didn't mind. Natasha Belling killed it again. i remember last year ch10 were helping me find out who she was dressed by via twitter.


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