Racism : LA Clippers turn to Fashion to Make a Statement about the Donald Sterling racist remarks.

4:07 AM

Fashion is a powerful thing. It coveys a message without you having to say a single anything. 
Whether you're a NBA fan or not you would of heard about the outrageous things that the Owner of The Clippers was caught saying about 'black people' during a phone conversation with his mixed girlfriend. I was so shocked to hear someone in his position to have such fucked up (excuse my french) views on race. I'm not gonna ramble on about it too much because theres enough articles online and i could go on forever. That guy's views are wrong on so many levels. Its hard to believe we're living in 2014 and still have people with such a disgusting mentality. 
The whole team threw their shooting shirts and showed that their warm-ups were inside out Before their 4th Game in Oakland to hide the Clippers sign in protest.
The Heat showed their support by doing the same thing before their 4th Game against the Bobcats. 
Other playoff teams have been seen wearing black socks and black headbands as a silent protest.
So glad that sad excuse for a human being Donald Sterling has been banned by the NBA for life.  
Its great to see athletes and the NBA band together and take a stand against the issue. 

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