Personal : Having a Moment

12:35 AM

Sometimes things go so fast that you don't get a chance to appreciate all your hard work.
 Over the last few weeks I have been lucky enough to be selected to be apart of Wish Clothing's blogger challenge, Be featured in ASOS x UNiDAYS website and style an ASOS outfit for under $100,Went to a cool little warehouse show room party where i learnt some informative stuff about blogging and SEO, Moved into a massive warehouse for clothing label i work for - Grandma Funk, been sent a piece from Hip Hop's ASAP Mob exclusive label VLONE  & today just got a thank you package from Zoo York for helping them style looks for their opening day for the world's first Zoo York store. 
Those sleepless nights and extra hustling seems to have paid off. Its so crazy that I have been blessed with all these amazing opportunities purely due to people loving my blog and style. 
Lesson for the day. If you love something never stop working at it. At the end of the day it will all be worth it. 

Heres some Insta snaps from the last week :) 

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