Concert : Lauryn Hill Melbourne at The Palais Theatre

7:52 PM

So I wanted to start doing posts more posts on Concerts as Melbourne seems to be getting more amazing artists over the last few years. The music and culture of Hip Hop also influences my style so I thought it was important element to share on Everyday Like This. You can see all of my posts on other concerts here. 

After a painful day at Uni (I'm in 8 hours straight) there was nothing better than to look forward to seeing a legend on stage for the first time. 
If you don't know her you will definitely know the song 'Killing Me Softly'. 
I was excited for songs like Ex Factor, Everything is Everything & Doo Wop.
After taking our seats in the classic leather seating and bumping into a few friends in other rows the DJ came on and we knew L Boogie wasn't too far.
Her voice was so soulful and pure i got lost in her amazingness so many times. It didnt matter if you were up close or at the back like me Ms Hill knew how to capture an Audience. 
Her rap flow puts so many female rappers to shame. I haven't seen anyone rap so fast without loosing their breath.  

I loved the co-ordinating outfits her dancers wore. 
As a female i loved that she didn't have to show skin to show that she was talented.
She was dressed in wide leg black pants, white shirt with a cool funky black sweater with lipsticks.

Here is a photo taken my talented friend Michelle from Check out her site for more amazing snaps !

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