Outfit : Geek of the Week - Back to Uni

8:55 PM

After taking a little time off i am back at uni this Semester. As much as i loved being on holidays, interning and working on little projects i do believe its important to get this degree done :)
One of the worst things about being a student is pretty much spending all our money on food. 
Thats why we choose to to do the shoot infront of this old school looking milkbar/tuckshop. I remember when those walks home from high school we would spend our silver coinage on lollies and it made our day. Living like kings haha. 
With the return of Uni i thought i'd do a little geek back to school shoot. 
I'm wearing :
Topshop GEEK tee
Grandma Funk vintage reworked denim (i live in them)
Grandma Funk Sunnies
Steve Madden heels i got from Canada
Holographic Clutch from Aldo Canada 
Michael Kors watch

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