Club YoYo : Street Style

7:25 PM

club yoyo melbourne everyday like this

Name: Rain Norico

Area Code : 3810 - Pakenham 

Wearing  :  Burgundy shirt, chain and jeans from Roger David and the shoes from Edge

Where do you shop : Topman, Roger David, Dangerfield, General Pants Co and Flockhart st And any other places with good unique clothing.

Favourite thing about Melbourne : The different places around melbourne, so many different experiences and the nightlife its the place to be on the weekend!

Last Track in your car/iPod : Drunk In Love - The Weeknd remix

How'd you find out about Yoyo : Through my mates! A long time ago. Was the only rnb club I knew and when I went there for the first was a hell of a night!

Wish they played more : Different mixes. They already do, just bring on more! Eg. Some disclosure mixed in with Miguel :) 

Yo Drink of Choice : Tequila! Shots shots shots shots!

Tits or ass : Ass!

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