American Apparel : Made In Bangladesh campaign

2:52 AM

As I come from a Bangladesh background, I know this campaign is going to cause all sorts of controversy within the community. I'm a massive fan of American Apparel and all those who are know their campaigns always have some nudity in there so I'm not surprised at all. 
I do love the way they have captured the essence of the modern Bengali and strayed from the stereotype. In our community in Aus where most woman still don't drive or have any careers so its only natural they still think a little backwards. I remember one time I was at an event and I was talking about my trip to Thailand and this lady looked at me like...You took a plane by yourself? Like i went and robbed a back or something. 
Its good to see someone come out and be like this is who i am and i don't give a F about what you think. I'm blessed my folks are so proud of what i do but no mum and dad will not be posing any nudies so relax. 
Looking forward to the new range American Apparel will be doing in Bangladesh. They are known to be socially and ethically sustainable and have all their gear made in Downtown LA so i know they will look after our people back home without a doubt.

Read more about it on Daily Mail

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