Music : Kayne West Bringing Yeezus to Australia

3:32 PM

I have been hoping for this day for a while now. Ever since the Yeezus tour started my Instagram newsfeed has been flooded with crazy pics of Mr West blinged up, Marigela masked and sitting on top of a mountain type of structure. Singing, Ranting and talking to Jesus. After watching his side show at Sidney Myer Music Bowl a few years ago there still hasn't been a rapper/show that has come close ( comes second) to Kanye's powerful performance. In the past week he has spoilt Kimmy with 1000 roses for Valentines Day,  Proposed to Kim on the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Released a remix to Beyonces "Drunk In Love" & Defended Drake after Rolling Stones accused him of dissing 'Yeezus'. And to add to all that he is Touring the Land downunder. I was so disappointed when Watch the Throne didn't make it down here so i was bit skeptical on whether or not Yeezus would too. Pre Sale starts tomorrow and i've already started looking up Yeezus Merchaindise for a shoot for the blog. Heres word a new batch of designs will be made for Aus. Yay !! Thank you Live Nation, Thank you Melbourne and thank you Kanye. 

Check out my Yeezus shoot i did here as well as a little review on his last tour in Melbourne.

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