Dimepiece LA

6:43 AM

As a lover and supporter of local designers and brands i was disappointed to see Aussie online boutiques and stores (uh SUPRE) copying this talented LA brand Dimepiece's designs.
 I think the first time i came across Dimepiece would of been somewhere on my tumblr feed. Those 'Aint No Wifey' tees were quite the statement. 
It wasn't till supermodel Miss Cara Delevigne wore the tee and posted it online that the slogan went viral. And along with the amazing exposure came the copycats.
 Even with the internet at their hands people who may not follow fashion might not have picked up on the fake version of the tee especially us Aussies living on the other side of the world. I kept seeing the fake versions and it wasn't until i saw Supre copy them that it hit a nerve. For all of my international readers Supre is like a really cheap trashy tween brand. 
I've been following the brand for years and am blessed that Dimepiece sent me a couple of items from their range for thanking me for supporting their label. 
A shoot will be out this week but until then here are my other favourite Dimepiece items & some celebrities who also are fans of the brand.

Cara strikes one of her signature backstage runway poses at Fashion Week

Miley Cyrus 

Jourdan Dunn


Willow Smith 

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