Club YoYo : Street Style

7:18 PM

Name : Mandii Warner

Area Code : 3032 Maribyrnong

Wearing : Everland clothing dress and Converse platforms

Where do you shop : I shop anywhere really and online, anywhere that sells colourful/printed/cute stuff

Favourite thing about Melbourne : Ummmm probs the city life and coffee places

Last Track in your car/iPod : I think it was J.Cole she knows or Outkast B.O.B

How'd you find out about Yoyo : I found out about yoyo through friends! Now I just keep coming here

Wish they played more : More Outkast and Schoolboy Q and Ab Soul

Yo Drink of Choice : Alize and Lemonade

Worst Pick up line you've heard : I usually get approached about my tattoos and asked if they hurt I'm over that.

If I had to go on a date a rapper it would be : Just one rapper! J.Cole or Tyler The Creator

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