Inside The Label : Onaroll

12:00 AM

Who is Onaroll? 
Onaroll is a jewellery design boutique. My products are hand-made and pieced together as fashionable one of a kind pieces, unseen to the world before. 

Tell us a little about the brand and what made you start it? 

It originated from an idea to create a necklace for a friend as a gift. Based on that person’s interest and personality, I crafted a unique design which was then put into a small glass corked bottle and hung on a necklace cord. After an excessive reaction from my friends and family, messages piled in asking for more. At first, I didn't want everyone stealing my creations but eventually decided to share my work with the world.
Where can we buy onaroll? 
All items can be purchased on our website ( I will also be looking into other vendors and outlets in the near future. 

Tell us how you came up with designs & process of how the pieces are created? 
I am kind of an insomniac as my mind never seems to relax when I sleep, I would literally lay in bed awake at night and think about crazy new designs. Like I mentioned earlier, it really depends on the person’s personality and their interests, I try to cater to everyone's style as well as my own. As for the pieces, they are mostly created using polymer clay or they're collected from around the world and put together to make the perfect necklace. 

What influences your designs? Style? 
Life itself, I take everyday items and turn then into something special. My friends and family are also a big influence. I wouldn't also say there is a certain style to it as every piece is different and depends on what the person is interested in.

Describe your personal style? 
My personal style is always something crazy and fun with different pieces I have purchased either from overseas or designed myself. I do not like looking like any other individual and prefer standing out from the crowd.
What does fashion mean to you? 
To me fashion means expressing yourself through what you wear, it isn't about following silly trends that only last a week, and it’s about wearing what you like, what you find comfortable and being unique in your own way.

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