Elle Magazine : Mindy Kaling's Cover Controversy

5:57 PM

The Mindy Project is probably my new favourite show. I only got on it recently but got hooked straight away. I would never think a brown girl would have the opportunity to be the star of her own sitcom. I mean not in australia anyway. There is still a lack of colours and ethnicity in all our local Tv shows which is so unrealistic. Its good to see the views in some parts of the world is changing. When i saw this article on Whether or not the cover of Mindy was made black and white because of her background or zoomed in because of her size. I couldn't help but think maybe its still the same even when you reach the top. I mean compare the 4 photos below. All the other three lovely ladies get a colourful mid length shot which showcases their bodies and Mindy gets a cropped close up. 
Mindy looks amazing though and maybe it was done on purpose to make her stand out from the rest of the covers. Maybe Elle had good intentions although they're been in fire for things like this before. We've come along away since the first Black covergirl on Vogue being considered as a bad idea for business. We should just move forward and be thankful that the world view of what is beautiful is changing. No matter what size or colour you are. 

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