Club YoYo : Street Style

12:00 PM

Name : Kevin 

Area Code : 3169 - Clarinda 

Wearing : Random snap back from Edge, shirt from savers, an Onaroll official necklace, a ring i made, nudie jeans and last but not least, Chuck Taylor Hollis Thinsulate Boots 

Where Do You Shop : Everywhere, but online is without doubt the best 

Favourite Thing About Melbourne : So many cultures in one small place

Last Track In The Car/iPod : Disclosure - You and me (Flume remix) 

How'd you find out about Yoyo : Through friends and now I work there lol. My home away from home! 

Wish They Played More : They actually cover everything I want, maybe a slight bit more Pharrell 

Yo Drink of choice : Johnny Walker, Double black + a dash of coke 

Tits or Ass : Like any honest man, I'm an ass man

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