Club YoYo : Street Style

3:06 PM

Name : Alyssa

Area Code : 3805- Narre Warren South 

Wearing : Jacket and clutch I picked up from an op shop, lace crop from sports girl, disco pants from American apparel, army boots from an online store 

Where do you shop : Various op shops, Retro star and anywhere that catches my eye 

Favourite thing about Melbourne : The city vibe 

Last Track in your car/iPod : Danny Brown- 25 bucks ft Purity Ring 

How'd you find out about Yoyo : Through my friend Kiara, always the best nights with the best people 

Wish they played more : Trap music 

Yo Drink of Choice : Vodka Sunrise 

Worst Pick up line you've heard : You have something on your ass, my eyes 

If I had to go on a date a rapper it would be : Yeezy, hands down

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