Club Yoyo : Fashion Killer

1:20 PM

Name : Matt

Name : Matt

Area Code : 3051 - North Melbourne 

Wearing : Supreme 5-panel, Camel windbreaker, lazy oaf T, Jack London chinos & Docs 

Where do you shop : Savers, Clear It, Op Shops & random places

Favourite thing about Melbourne : The vibe

Last Track in your car/iPod : Floating Notes - Kalyyuga x Matt On The Moon (Unreleased)

How'd you find out about Yoyo : Found out through Seb. Yo is cool. I've had some cray cray nights 
there. Yo always looks after me.

Wish they played more : Chance The Rapper

Yo Drink of Choice : For when I'm broke, G&Ts w/ lime. For when I'm not, Patron XO Cafe

 Tits or Ass : Ass ass ass

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