Club YoYo : Fashion Killer

4:37 PM

Name: Sharif 

Area Code: 3011 - Footscray 

Wearing: Red Fitted Denim, Black Blazer & Baller Top Hat from H&M, Red&White Ralph Lauren Pin Stripe Shirt, Brooks Brothers Vintage Waist Coat ,Stacey Adams Collection yellow bow tie & Vintage Black Cowboy Boots. 

Where do you shop: A number of vintage stores, odd shops, and Ralph Lauren. 

Favourite thing about Melbourne: Arts & Culture of the people. I love the graffitti and fashion. 

Last Track In iPod: I'm an old school Hip Hop cat so probably some Tribe Called Quest. 

How'd you find out about Yoyo:  Through a Good friends Birthday there. 

Wish they played more: Anything new, conscious hip hop, Soulful R&B! 

Yo Drink of Choice: Not much of a drinker but if i had to pick it'd be Rum & Coke 

Tits or Ass: Im a brotha so Ass of course :) 

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