Micah Gianneli x MOSSMAN

4:41 PM

One of my favourite Melbourne fashionistas Micah has teamed up with Mossman for their latest collab. I have been following Micah & Jesse ever since Raww Blog actually come to think of that even before that when Micah had her iconic long black hair with one side shaven. Her Style is so versatile and i think she perfectly represents what a Aussie Fashion icon should look like. I am a lover of all things monochrome and i love the way they experimented with different cuts and textures with the collection. My two favourite pieces would have to me the white mesh tee below and the high waisted pants. As a Hip Hop junkie i noticed some of the garments are names after hip hop tracks like "Im On One" & "Up All Night" which compliments the overall edgy style of the looks. Micah and the team hit this collection to the tee. It is perfect. cannot wait to add some of these pieces to wardrobe :)

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