Club YoYo : Fashion Killer

2:04 PM

Name : Praveena

Area Code : 3976 - Hampton Park
Wearing : : Wayne Cooper top, Nicola Finetti pants, River Island clutch, Thurley jewelry & Hype DC shoes
Where do you shop : Grand Social, Asos, random boutiques, Chadstone & Chapel St
Favourite thing about Melbourne : The unity between people of all cultures, backgrounds and religions.
Last Track in your car/iPod : Drake - Come Thru
How'd you find out about Yoyo : Through a friend. Yoyo represents what I like most about Melbourne. Love the vibe, has become my regular club and is home to some awesome promoters 
Wish they played more : Old School 
Yo Drink of Choice : Soho lemonade 
Worst Pick up line you've heard : A guy gave me a poem, it read."To my one and only,Every time I see you smile,Every time I see your beautiful eyes,Every time I see your fine figure. Every heart skips a beat..So if you don't commit to my love, My heart will lose its rhythm"
If i had to go on a date a rapper it would be : JayZ

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