Shakuhachi Sale Melbourne

4:19 AM

So a few weeks a ago i went and checked out the Shakuhachi Sale on Chapel St. As we walked up the non fashion district side of Chapel in the cold Melbourne weather we met a beautiful long line outside of the venue. I felt like it was Saturday night and we were waiting to get into the new hottest club. My best friend was the only guy there and was kind enough to get his girlfriend and me coffee while we waited. As we reached the front of the line all we could see was mayhem (hence why my photos are blurry sorry guys) People were going crazy for this stuff i picked up a few pieced but as we went to pay we were caught in another monstrous line. Then i started to think of how i would wear all the things i picked up and if i needed them. At the end i ended up getting these  high waisted metallic pants which was one of a kind as i didn't see the stock in bulk like most of the clothing in the store. Oh and it was $20. Win or what :)


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