Club Yoyo : Fashion Killer

3:38 AM

Name : Dimitri
Area Code : 3033 East Keilor
Wearing : White pants and electric blue cotton jacket from Bell&Barnett , light blue and white checkered shirt from V&J Menswear , Red and blue pocket square from Trenery and Dark blue suede Boat shoes.
Where do you shop : Any Ally-way boutique store around the city.
Favourite thing about Melbourne : COFFEE !!
Last Track in your car/iPod : My Girl - The Temptations
How'd you find out about Yoyo: Through a friend . Not only great music and great atmosphere, but a great fit out.
Wish they played more : Soul/ motown in the lounge
Yo Drink of Choice : 1919 (golden rum) with dry , and a freshly squeezed lime
Tits or ass : Personality

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