Club YoYo : Fashion Killer

3:00 PM

Name: Monique

Wearing: Mika & Gala top, SABA coated jeans and ZU Shoes pumps.

Where do you shop: ASOS, Zara, EBay, Savers - anywhere there's a good bargain

Favorite thing about Melbourne: The Melbournian love for good coffee and all-day breakfast.

Last track: Power trip - J Cole & Miguel

How'd you find out about YoYo: A few friends have made YoYo their weekly spot so its nice to have a Playground Saturday reunion every now and then!

Wish they played more: Oldschool jams!

Yo Drink of Choice: Soho or Alize & Lemonade

Worst Pick up line: What nash are you? You can't be Australian

If i had to go on a date a rapper it would be: Ludacris - What a man

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