Club YoYo : Fashion Killer

12:00 PM

Name : Therese

Area Code : 3133- Vermont South

Wearing  : Jeans are drdenim jeansmakers from general pants.
My shirt I got from sydney at a very small asian clothing store & my kicks are nike from Footlocker.

Where do you shop :anywhere that has my size and the clothes have to catch my eye. So valley girl,general pants,small littles shops that are hiden away in and around melbourne or anywhere I am. I also get some amazing clothes from a fashion label called alreis.
And my kicks. From platypus to hype,footlocker,the internet.

Favorite thing about Melbourne : I love the fact there are always places to go. You cant get bored here. Not to mention the multiculturalism and the diversity of the people :-)

Last Track in your car/iPod : Trumpet lights Chris Brown

How'd you find out about Yoyo : through friends. Needs more room to dance!

Wish they played more : 90's beats. And less music that sounds the same.

Yo Drink of Choice : lemon lime and bitters.

Worst Pick up line you've heard : You're cute. I'm hot. Wanna f***?

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