Club YoYo : Fashion Killer

10:58 PM

Name : Levon

Area Code : 3150 - Wheeler's Hill

Wearing: Shirt by Arvust, Blazer from Vinnies op shop ( Sportscraft apparently ), Tie from, Jewellery from ASOS, Black chinos from ASOS & Vans OTW Collection Pritchard shoes

Where do you shop: ASOS, Topman, Op shopping & Ben Sherman

Favorite thing about Melbourne : Freedom of speech and multiculturalism. I guess that’s nationwide, but being Melbourne-specific, I love our nightlife and people.

Last Track in your car/iPod : Joey Badass - Word is Bond

How'd you find out about Yoyo : Introduced by a friend of mine over a year ago, love the venue itself, the people involved and the music, especially in the lounge room.

Wish they played more : 90’s Hip-Hop

Yo Drink of Choice : Baileys on the rocks

Tits or ass : Ass… no doubt

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