Over 300 lives lost in Garments factory Collapse in Bangladesh

9:00 AM

So i heard a couple of days ago a 8 storey factory building in Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed. The death toll is at 387 with 100s more injured. The building was a garments factory which made clothes for Western companies like Joe Fresh, Mango, Primark, Benetton and Walmart to name a few. Its so sad that these people who worked for nearly next to nothing didn't have these big companys look after their employees and have regular OH& S tests of their workplace. I am from Bangladesh myself and even though i was born and raised in Australia it breaks my heart to see something like this happen in my home country. My mum was there for 3 months over the summer and there have been a lot of policial drama and chaos in the city. According to Rights activist Hana Shams Ahmed,the government was afraid of having international aid workers on the ground as "they don't want this to be internationally discussed how easily preventable this was"."Ultimately, the responsibility of this lies with the government and its chain of corruption, negligence and greed," added Ahmed.

There is a Petition going around and they just need 10,000 more people to sign it so i please encourage all of you to take a minute of your time and quickly sign this so prevent another industrial distaster like this happening again to innocent factory workers http://www.change.org/petitions

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