Inside The Label : Tibbs & Bones

12:00 PM

I first discovered this store on the wonderful world of Instagram. And you could say it was love at first sight. I pretty much lust over every item they upload and then knew i had to get Tibbs and Bones on the blog. Do one better and i found out they were Melbourne based too.
From graphic print jumpers to vintage skirts and shirts they're style is very unique street chic with a vintage flare. But its not just all for the ladies they have some pretty cool mens stuff too. I love supporting melbourne based stores and am very lucky to have got an interview with the lovely Jade from Tibbs and Bones to tell you more about this amazing store. Check it out !!! 

Who is Tibbs & Bones ? Tell us a little about the brand?
Tibbs & Bones is the stop for vintage, reclaimed, new & handmade thread for boy & girl. Providing one off vintage items sourced internationally, limited runs of new garments & handmade headwear, Tibbs & Bones caters to the vintage Melbourne by offering the best threads for the youth market.

What made you start this label?
We wanted to create a fashion-hub filled with vintage, colour, individuality, prints, texture & style where customers can come to find one-off, affordable & fun pieces!

Where can we buy Tibbs & Bones?
Tibbs & Bones is available online at, through our Instagram & Facebook, and also at a range of different Markets across Melbourne.

What influences your style?
Mood, prints, fabrics & colour would have to be the biggest influence on my style. Mood probably being the biggest!! J

Describe your personal style?
Pretty interchangeable. I love being able to throw on a vintage garden party dress & flower headband, the next minute a sawn off slogan tee & spray on jeans. I know that most people tend to describe me as ‘vintage’, however that’s a pretty broad term J

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is an extension of yourself; it reflects your mood and your personality. It’s something to have fun with; everyone has to wear clothes so why not make them something fun that you feel super in!

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