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As of late i've ventured into wearing a lot more street wear in my posts. I mean i love dressing up and getting glamourous but on my days off you will defiantly find me rocking a graphic printed tee (most likely mens tee) jeans, sneakers and a beanie. So it only made sense that i put this label on my blog. Heartof Apparel focuses on womens street wear. In a world where street wear is mostly focused on men this Brisbane label has made it its mission to cater to those people like me who love street wear but not the  awkward baggy fit of mens sizing. I had the pleasure of interviewing the designer Asher of the brand to give you all a little more insight to what Heartof Apparel is all about.

Who is Hearts of Apparel ? tell us a little about the brand and what made you start it?
Heartof Apparel stemmed from my personal love of streetwear- (in particular tees and tanks), but getting frustrated because I hardly ever found what I liked in the women's section.
The women's tees had a weird fit and were cut to flare at the hips and sleeves that were too high and tight. I would buy men's lines that I thought were cool, but it was rare that I could ever get the fit right, even the smalls and extra-smalls were way too big, or kind of fit but were way too long.
I figured there needed to be a brand out there that catered to this.

Where can we buy Hearts of Apprael?
You can buy online at or we are currently at Davies Park, West End Markets, Brisbane on Saturday mornings.

What influences your designs/style?
I am a fan of various streetwear labels, these include Stussy (way back in the beginning), WESC, Analog, Adidas. Also local brands that are going strong Afends and Grand Scheme. Anything really that has an aesthetically pleasing design aspect! I'm also influenced by music- many different genres: hip-hop, alternative, dance. Music makes life worth living!!
When it comes to my own designs, I get influenced by many things- ideas in my head, someone walking down the street, my friends, the internet. I basically start creating and I change it until it evolves into a piece I am totally happy with and I would wear myself. Oh, and I love animals so they influence me a lot!

Describe your personal style?
My personal style is very casual and street (obviously) but I also like to mash styles/genres. So I could wear a hip-hop style snapback, a preppy shirt and country-style shoes. I like to think it works!

What does fashion mean to you?
I must say I'm not a high fashion person, all I know is street! But I'm happy with that. If I had to define fashion I would say it's a very personal thing. It's clothes that make you feel like you are you. Its an expression of your own personality.

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