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2:14 PM

So last Friday i had the privilege of being apart of a Blogger Brunch event UniHill was hosting in Bundoora.
Although is a bit out of the way for me, My brother recently moved there for Uni so i thought it Bundoora would be the perfect opportunity for me check out what the area had to offer.
I had stayed at my brothers house the night before thinking it would make life easier for me the next morning. i was wrong. One of their neighbours car's broke down in the middle of the driveway of the units so i couldn't get my car out. I was very lucky there was a Tram that went Straight to UniHillFO and the ride was only 10 mins. Although i missed the brief and the morning tea i was just in time for the challenges for the day. There was a lot of blogger mums there and i also bumped into Marlee from String of Events which was nice as i have been following her for a while. I was teamed up with Evelyn and our theme was "A day at the Beach".

We had half an hour to go into stores and find the perfect summer outfit. We first headed into Cotton On and bought a beach bag which the staff wasn't too happy about as it was their sale stock and we heard later they were complaining about us to other contestants. Lucky for them we didn't even end up using the bag. We went to Jeans west next where we found some beautiful Kaftans we decided to go with a multicoloured one so we should mix and match colours with all the other items of the outfit. As we proceeded to the check out we found an amazing brown beach bad which went with the dress perfectly. 
We headed to Surf, Dive and Ski next and found a light blue bikini set which matched the dess and a Roxy beach hat that matched our bag. The staff there were so nice and helpful. Our judges came past and told us we had 10 mins so we rushed to Novo and picked out some sandals. 
There was too many to choose from but we finally went with the dark blue as there was a little dark blue on the dress. Just as we were about to go back i spotted some sunnies in Tony Bianco and we bought the brown pair to go with the bag. All in all i think for 30 mins we did a pretty good job. 

Presentation Time 
(photo via @UniHillFO)

Our free goodies 

Marlee from String of events and i having some photobooth fun

I will definitely be going back there as they have some stores that my local factory outlet have got rid of like Charcoal, Tony Bianco & Mossman. A very big Thank you to UnihillFO for having us over and thank you for the free bag of goodies. I know i definitely have more reasons to go visit my brother in Bundoora now :) 

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