Nasty Gal Rips off Melbourne label Di$count

3:58 PM

I was so disgusted to see something like this come up on my newsfeed. Especially from a company as big as Nasty Gal. The Melbourne brand is run by Nadia Napreychikov & Cami James and if you have been a fan of theirs like i have you can see the funky out there pieces they design. Not sure what is going to happen in this Nasty Gal situation but i beileve plagiarism is so pathetic. Di$counts known for their unique style NG should of known they'd be caught sooner or later. This is not the first time they've been caught stealing ideas and designs from Forever 21 and even independent designers on Etsy.
 I wish Nadia and Cami all the best. I hope the press from this issue makes this home grown label rise to the success level it should be on.

INSTAGRAM: @discountuniverse

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