MBFWA 2013

4:46 PM

After hearing the news Everyday Like This was going to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia i couldn't believe the places my blog has gotten me. What started off as something i did for fun on the side has gotten me to one of the biggest Fashion event in the country.

After an hour flight interstate to the lovely state of sydney and paying extra $75 because i packed to much i finally reached my hotel. It was nothing fancy. I had to keep budget as i was there the whole week and wanted somewhere with free wifi so i could do uni work in-between the crazy days of fashion week. After i landed i gave the Costarella team a call and found out i was staying 10 mins from their hotel so i went over later that night and got my backstage pass and scoped out the collection and met the whole team. Our call time was at 8am and i knew i had ro wake up very early so i knew it was going to be a challenge. Bring on Fashion week.

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