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Theres nothing better i love about fashion then a good Melbourne street wear brand. Meet Balla. I've been a fan of this brand for a while now and loving each new collection they release even more then the previous one. I remember being at the Tyga concert last year and spotted a guy wearing a Balla top and i couldn't help myself but go up to him ask him about the label and then realised it was Little Jase, a Melbourne rapper who is often seen wearing Balla. I love how they support Melbourne urban artists like this. Although a Mens label, i cannot wait to be rocking out in some of their gear soon :) Their brand fits in with my style so perfectly and represent the three things i love in life - Melbourne, Fashion and Hip Hop. I recently got to Interview Thushan, one half of the label to give you all a little insight into the brand.

Who is Balla ? tell us a little about the brand?
Alright so "who is balla?" is two friends who both grew up together in Balaclava East St Kilda. The name actually was first pronounced 'Bala' for the area but as we evolved and grew as a label it has slowly become 'Baller'. It has now three people involved all from Balaclava. All play different roles in the brand. Balaclava is a great place for inspiration. From its coffee culture to its diverse mix of people.

What made you start this label?
We first started the label as a source of creativity as we are both graphic designers who started the label. We found our day jobs were really limiting our creativity and we needed are outlet. So had a idea for a tee got it made and sold it through facebook and somehow got it into Evolve and Blindside. We then used social media by releasing products exclusive to facebook, which was really successful for us as the product sold out in 2 days. Thats when we thought, lets see where this goes.

Where can we buy Balla?
Balla has a website now where most of our stock is available.
We have also stocked our gear in 1st product, Blindside, Evolve, and Obese.

What influences your designs/style?
We are heavily influenced by basketball, brands like supreme, obey and only and hip hop culture and music especially old school from the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, The Jungle Brothers, Eric B and Rakim.

Describe your personal style?
Our personal style is clean and simple.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion to us is a creative outlet and a lifestyle.

For more on Balla Check out these links :
Twitter - @balla_balaclava
Instagram - @ballabalaclava 

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