Culture Kings Sydney

2:00 PM

The only place in the world where you can get your hair cut, shop and have live Dj playing the latest Hip Hop tunes. Without a doubt i was in Hip Hop heaven when i was going down the escalators to Culture Kings. I first heard about the store when i was up in Brisbane for Fashion week back in 2011. But i didn't want to carry my suitcase down so i made sure i visited the sydney store when i was down for Australian fashion week earlier this month. I went there to do a post on the store and ended up making a MUST BUY list in my head while working. Probably one of the worst things about working in fashion. The staff there were just amazing too. They all so down to earth and friendly and helped me when i was looking for certain items. I ended up going there 2 days in a row with my busy fashion week schedule. one day to shoot. one day to buy. And im so glad i didn't do it all in one day as the second day i was there Tinie Tempah was in store. I was on the train headed there after a show to buy me some goodies. Tinie was on the front of the MX which was just being handed out at the stations. As i went into the store i saw their facebook status about him being in store and was pretty crazy after just reading about him 5 mins ago. there was fans taking photos while him and his crew shopped I approached him and gave him the MX n he was like 'are you sure i can keep it' lol i was yeah yeah no worries (theres a billion free copies at the station haha) and got a photo with him. I saw his Instagram. They cleaned Culture Kings up quite well. So for all you lovers of Hip Hop and Fashion like me make sure you head down to their stores whenever you're in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sydney. You don't know who you might bump into.

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