Travel : Phi Phi Island

5:06 PM

Phi Phi island was definitely my favorite place to be in Thailand. It was so remote and disconnected from the real world. I felt i was finally at peace. We took a boat from Phuket which took us there. At first we were a bit reactant to stay there for the nights we agreed to be there for as we heard it was mainly for honeymooners. But i was assured by my friends back home that it would be the best place i could visit in Thailand and they were right. There were no cars in Phi Phi just these wheelbarrow like vehicles and bikes. i found it so funny that instead of using bells or horns (which they didn't have cz there were no cars) people would yell "bep bep" like the road runner to give warning that they were on the streets. I feel like a lot of european people settled there and set up shops and restaurants. I highly recommend Unni's for anyone going there. By day we were tanning and making new friends and by night we were off shopping and then partying along the beach. The clothes there were so different and unique to all the other islands in Thailand. In my outfit photo i am wearing an aztec printed cropped tee that i picked up for 250 bhat ($8 aus) from one of the markets in Phi Phi. I liked it so much that i went back the day after and bought another one. I matched this top with my high waisted lilac denim shorts, some dope silver/mirrored sunnies and silver body chain that my best friend got me for my birthday. I loved the close up pic of the chain.

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