Travel : Koh Phangan

2:23 AM

Hey guys i know i haven't been on here properly in a while and i apologise. The jet lag after this trip really got to me and then i had ro get back into a proper routine again for uni. But lets get to the fun stuff.

So at the end of January this year i flew to beautiful Thailand for 3 weeks with a bunch of my girlfriends. And yes there was little dramas with a few people (girls being girls, and boyfriends being boys) but all in all it was a good trip. After our 9 hour flight we arrived in Phuket and stayed over night at a hotel close to the airport as we had to fly to another island and catch a boat to get to our first destination. We met the funniest man in out taxi who claimed as the Spice Girls and was googling over a few of the guys at our hotel with us. He definitely made the first 24 hours more bearable.

After landing in Koh Samui and catching a boat to Koh Phangan we headed to our hotel which was 40 minutes away. As we drove more into the island it seemed more secluded and we kept seeing dodgy hotels so we had a little doubt. But then out of no where we saw a massive Gate with security guard and this amazing resort Panviman. It was the best place we stayed in the whole trip. We wouldn't shut up about it throughout the holiday. It definitely set the bar for us. The resort had its own private beach, 3 restaurants, free breakfast, pool and staff who would cater to all our needs. Let me tell you the food was just insane. i never wake up early but i was up at 8am everyday to get my plate full of goodies at the buffet breakfast we had. and we went to this restaurant which was on the beach so many times where they would grill fresh seafood and meat for you on the spot. It did feel like an Adam Sandler movie sometimes as we'd see the same staff in different uniforms at random places in the resort. 

The outfit photos below were quickly taken on the day we left in the resort looking towards the beach and sea.
 Wearing Dotti Bikini, Sportsgirl wallet and white pants stolen from my mums wardrobe.

Photography by Tihara K

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