Sex and The City Exhibition : NYC STYLE CHADSTONE

10:30 AM

So last Friday i was lucky enough to meet the ever so talented Patricia Field at the Chadstone NYC Style event.  She was the stylist and costume designer for the Sex and the city Series, as well as Ugly Betty and Devil wears Prada and much more. She's even won an Emmy for her work !! After the lovely runway show showcasing key Autumn Winter trends from our favourite Australian designers we headed up stairs to the VIP party. We were all in awe of her when we saw her there. After getting a couple of photos with her i managed to have a little conversation with her asking her about her time here in Melbourne and that her exhibition which was displayed in the centre had made me want to watch the whole series again. She was touched and was so sweet. She said she flew in on the Tuesday and had been setting up the displays and doing a lot of press. She also told me she was flying out the day after to go to Seoul. It was such an inspiration to meet her. To see where styling can get someone in the industry really makes me want to get into doing it more .Without her the fashion in Sex and the City wouldn't be known for what it is today. And i speak for every girl that Sex and The City has helped, guided and supported us at some point of our lives. The exhibition showcased styles from each of the main characters in the show as well as the famous Wedding scene from the first movie.When she found out we were bloggers she went out of her way and started looking for her assistant to find her bag. after a good 5-10 minutes of trying to find it, she pulled out a funky animal printed card. Truly tocuhed. Make sure you all get down to Chaddy to check this out it will definitely take you back to the Carrie days :)

The Exhibition

The Runway 

The After Party

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