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It was a Warm summers day in Melbourne, i was setting up a stall for the vintage store i do a little work for when i discovered this beautiful brand. I saw the stall from the corner of my eye, they had an lots of pretty bikinis, amazing summer sandals and even a few summer dresses perfect for the beach. I spoke to the lovely owner and told her i must get her on the site. I was obsessed with bikinis at the time as i was leaving for Thailand and loved how a Melbourne brand like WLDC had this forever summer feel, like even if it wasn't beach weather you'd want to buy their goods. We are well way into Autumn and if this scorching heat isn't a sign to update your summer wardrobe i don't know what is. I am so excited to see their next Spring Summer 14 Collection which is currently in the works. I recently got to chat with the owner Georgia to give you all an insight into this amazing up and coming Melbourne brand.  

Who is With love, Daisy Chain? tell us a little about the brand?A WLDC girl spends much of her time being one with nature, she is a girl who seeks adventure, is a natural beauty, and lights up a room with her smile. It is for the girl who is kind to animals, embraces her messy beach hair, smells of coconuts and leaves a trail of sand wherever she goes.
I wanted to create a label that tells a story, that when thought of the smell of coconuts, the look of crochet and the taste of salty, wet skin came to mind. It is a brand that allows you to live a gypsy lifestyle, encourages you to go on an adventure, and a label that encourages every girl to embrace their natural beauty and live a wild and free spirited life.
What made you start this label?I’ve always been a beach bum, a wanderer, a sun worshipper and a little bit of a free spirit.
WLDC was initially just a daydream of how I could have an eternal summer and combine my love of fashion, textiles and the beach. After studying PR & Marketing and interning for both LMFF and for BAM Brands- a fashion PR house, I was inspired, full of knowledge, and begun living and breathing swimwear. After advice from my Mum to do something that makes your heart sing. I quit my job, and have spent the last year establishing my label. A favourite quote of mine is“ When you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”, and I feel like I am slowly bringing this quote to life.
Where can we buy WLDC?WLDC is available in selected boutiques in Melbourne with the hope to expand to boutiques all over Australia. You can find us stocked at Obdressed Boutique in Ripponlea, and Bohemian Chic, Hampton.
All styles are available directly through our website-
What influences your designs/style?The inspiration behind the SS14 collection- SS14 Inspiration came from the beautiful country of India. Rich in agriculture, colour and life, it is somewhere that I daydream about visiting constantly. The Holi Festival is a celebration of the beginning of spring, where partakers throw coloured spices and dust in the air, and dress up in the most colourful saris they own. This burst of beautiful vibrant colours is so inspiring.
Without giving away too much, for WLDC Spring Summer 2014 expect to see structured pieces going to up a cup size of G, , embellishments, elephant prints mixed in with a bohemian flair, crochet and loosely knitted outerwear and throwovers to take you from the beach to the bar
Where would a girl be without a little crochet in their life!

Describe your personal style?Stacks of silver jewellery, anything cream, white and beige mixed in with floral printed pants, cut off denim shorts, vests and jackets, big floppy hats, maxi skirts and dresses, my favourite overall jumpsuit, faux fur vests, and of course bikinis!
My fashion choice change with my moods and sometimes I’m a Chuck Taylors and denim shorts kinda girl, and other times I’ll be in the mood for a little hippy luxe with a chain head peace and a cropped lace vintage top.
What does fashion mean to you?Fashion to me is something that is meant to be fun. It is a playful element of day-to-day life that doesn’t have to be expensive, boring or stressful. I love looking back to old pictures and thinking why did I ever wear a gold leather jacket! Fashion is a way to express yourself, push the boundaries, and something that can make you feel a million dollars

Heres some photos from their Summer 2013 range

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