House of Holland x Sportsgirl

4:02 PM

 On Friday 22nd of March i was lucky enough to meet the amazing Henry Holland from UK label House of Holland. Henry is known for his unique style and street style looks. Henry did a collaboration with Sportsgirl on his recently trip to Australia. The talented Chris from Pedestrian Tv was there to interview him. He was the one who also interviewed Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast. Henry told us the funniest story about Anna Wintour and how she saw him and Agyness Deyn out one night and invited them to a party...and then said they needed to dress up as they were wearing very bummy clothes at the time they saw her. What a story to tell. There was also question and answer time where i asked Him about Iggy Azalea and how he managed to score this amazing Aussie rapper whos not famous here yet to be the face of his eye wear line. I got a video of this so stay tuned for an update on this post. We also spoke a little about her new video for 'work' which is insane. Henry was like yeah i messaged her and told her i loved it. After the interview and Q&A was done we got to take a few pictures with the man himself which was so nice. Thank you to Sportsgirl & Pedestrian Tv for their on going efforts of bringing amazing people in fashion to our shores.

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