JVP Melbourne

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I remember i first did an interview on JVP Melbourne the week they launched which was way back in 2012. I knew by the way Jason carried his brand that the label was destined for big things. Since my interview JVP has gained much international recognition and fanbase. They were also featured on popular hip hop culture magazine (Complex) as one of the Top 10 tees to have. Guy Sebastian was seen wearing JVP not once but twice at Xfactor whilst being on the Judges panel near the semi finals and finals. Be fast though most of the stuff sells out soon as it becomes available. Im doing a little work with them as the Fashion Director of a design company i work for, NVA Design Studio...watch this space kids :)

Jason and I

 JVP Melbourne

The Intervention Tee
A classical distorted image from the Reign of Terror, The inter-positioning of the Sabine women to separate the war between the Romans and the Sabines is a powerful work with the theme of love prevailing over conflict.

The Emperor Napoleon Tee
A classical distorted representation of an image of propaganda depicting the First Consul of France, Napoleon Bonaparte,
A glamorous idealized view of the Emperor crossing the Alps on his fiery steed with his troops, ready to conquer

The Cool Native Tee
The Cool Native represents an artistic direction of Native American influence with Peacock and Turkey feathers, bones and claws portraying the crown-like flow of a headpiece

The Revolution Tee
The Revolution Tee represents a royal art piece revolving around the neck/chest with the French Revolution in theme. The Print revolves around both sides of the garment.

The Crown of Roses Tee
The Crown of Roses Tee represents a luxury crown of passion and beauty surrounding the neck with a tattoo-like powerful statement

The Pharaoh Tee
The Pharaoh Tee represents a luxury crown of an ancient civilisation and world power that shaped our generations. The design surrounding the neck as a tattoo-like powerful statement.

The Jewels of the Wild Tee
The Jewels of the Wild Tee represents a luxury sleeve print of powerful creatures of the wild joined in a majestic array.

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