My new IKEA clothes rack

5:25 PM

For those who know me will know that when it comes to DIY i am the biggest fail. So after my Ikea chest of drawers kept breaking i thought it was finally time to get rid of it and get something to hold my clothes whilst i found another chest of drawers.
I thought id get a rack from IKEA (the fact that i built it and it didn't break is a miracle in itself).
Although it was meant to be temporary im so used to having this rack.  It has all myt staple everyday pieces and new things i buy. Theyre the things that i can never find when im in a rush so its goo to have them out in the open. 
I also got rid of my zillion shoe boxes and have all my heels out on show so i can quicky pick one and leave. Rediscovered so many heels i forgot i even had. 

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