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Im a sucker for big statement rings. My ring collection seems to be never ending. When i discovered Melbourne based label I Heard They Eat Cigarettes had these rings with the some interesting words - 'fuck', 'cunt', 'bitch' & 'shit' (excuse my language) i knew it was love at first sight and had to get my hands on a ring...or two. The best thing about fashion is that it expresses a message without you having to say anything and these rings do just that. As well as jewellery the label also stocks, tees, shoes and vintage !! Its good to see Australian labels like IHTEC creating unique pieces. I can't wait to order my first ring from them. I think they go with my street chic style perfectly. The fact that they are from Melbourne makes me so proud of the creative talent in my city. 
I recently spoke to Chris Brooks, The owner of IHTEC to find out more about the label. 

Everyday Like This : Who is IHTEC?
Chris : IHTEC is a Melbourne based fashion label founded by Chris Brooks in 2007.

EDLT: Tell us a little about the brand?
C: We are a Melbourne based sex pop fashion label – we live in a sex dungeon, eat Vegemite sandwiches and drink red wine.
“It’s dawn – and in the heart of the city, girls with blood-red lips and black lace boots emerge from the night with boys in leather. The faint smell of cigarette and perfume encircles them like remnants of the night before as they glide past a sickly gaggle of school girls who gasp in awe. One of them leans in toward the circle of gossiping and whispers: “I heard they eat cigarettes”.
Fearless, fashion-forward and not for the faint hearted, I Heard They Eat Cigarettes is one of the freshest labels designed for dressing hard and partying harder. Blitzing the Melbourne fashion scene in 2007, founding designer Chris Brooks ditched the drone of a 9-to-5 job to dress the streets in the edgiest denim label to have ever been born in the city: hell yeah.
Brooks transports his influences from periods such as the 70s Venice skate’n’surf scene, 80s Californian skate punk and late-70s-early-80s British punk, injecting a retro dose of bad ass street style into clean-cut, modern denim. I Heard They Eat Cigarettes is all about looking fierce and getting wild, it’s a clothing and party label.
From grungy acid wash denim to rich leather, rolled-up tees, laced boots and brogues, the label is like sex and cigarettes; all lust with a hint of debauchery. Rising up from the streets of Melbourne, I Heard They Eat Cigarettes is creeping its way through stockists all over Australia and Asia as one of the most coveted street labels on the scene.
Shit, if I Heard They Eat Cigarettes was a living, breathing entity, it’d manifest itself as Billy The Kid, going in all guns blazing and causing a ruckus throughout every gritty city on the globe.”

EDLT: What made you start this label ?
C: I Heard They Eat Cigarettes first started as a denim label and spread it's wings into other areas of fashion, jewellery, shoes, tees, jackets, bags etc. There was a gap in the market for a new edgier designer skinny jean denim label. I Heard They Eat Cigarettes was born to fill the void.

EDLT: Where can we buy IHTEC?
C: I Heard They Eat Cigarettes is available in selected boutiques in Australia, Asia and Europe. We also at have an online store:
What influences your designs/style? 
Environment, friends, music, movies, sex, pictures, nights out, nights in, talking with different people. All these things are absorbed and the then the aim is to take things a few steps further, to create unique fashion forward pieces. We want to create pieces that are thought provoking, will excite, inspire and add bad ass to an outfit.

EDLT: Describe your personal style? 
C: Depending on the mood and environment, usually a mix of different styles - Street Punk Vagabond.

EDLT: What does fashion mean to you?
C: Expression.

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