Fashion Movie Fix : Coco Before Chanel

3:39 AM

As a blogger the work we do for our sites is endless. whether it be going to the local shopping centre to quickly get something, going for a long drive or even watching a movie. We are inspired and come across ideas for posts practically anywhere and everywhere. 
So when i finished exams instead of relaxing and enjoying doing nothing i knew it was time to finally get Everyday Like This in order. 
The motivation to get things done can be a challenge at times. So i decided to needed to get inspired and fall in love with fashion again. So these Holidays i will be watching some fashion inspired movies/documentaries to remind me of why i love doing what i do.

First up is Coco Before Chanel. The movie is in French and stars Audrey Tautou but you get so lost in Cocos story that it doesn't even matter what language the movie is in.
The Movie focuses on Coco Chanels life before she became a famous designer.
She never got married and had a successful business which till this day carries her name. I think that was so rare to do back in her time as it wasn't acceptable to women to be working at all. She also was an orphan and came from a very poor background. Which only goes to show doesn't matter who/what where you're from. If you believe in it.

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